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Logistics and E-commerce in France

You’re a foreign company ready to launch e-commerce in France, with the support of a local logistics provider dedicated to this activity; with Omag Consulting and Endurance Logistique you’re in the right place.
Your product is already successful in your market, and you want to take advantage of the e-commerce channel in France. You want to engage in private sales, e-commerce group sales like Groupon, successfully use marketplaces like e-bay. You are aware that logistics and e-commerce require excellent coordination.
It is vital to understand that impeccable service quality is a prerequisite for acquiring e-customer loyalty.
This implies a constantly improving distribution plan, effective information systems, and flexible processes—all while minimizing costs in order to not affect profit margins.
Receiving, storage, picking and carrier selection need to be perfectly consistent if you want to succeed.
Sharing inventory data between the e-commerce site and the logistics coordinator through the synchronization of the e-commerce website back-office and the logistical WMS is vital when it comes to successfully launching your business. Otherwise, you should expect major disappointment!
This is where Omag Consulting, in partnership with Endurance Logistique, comes in.
We provide an interface between the company and the logistics provider for the smooth implementation of your project, as well as the set-up of all specifications, namely: 
  • Follow-up and support for the client for the duration of the operation, with invoice tracking;
  • Handling order anomalies;
  • Handling inventory shortages;
  • Handling post-sale support for all e-commerce customers in France;
  • Handling client returns.
Our services are guaranteed. Why? Because our on-site presence allows us to control the quality of shipments and to flag anomalies, all while providing logistical support (choosing normal, express and messenger couriers). 
It is important to have one go-to local representative when launching an e-commerce site.
Customized Support:
We support you logistically every step of the way, no matter what industry you’re in.
A company that is ready to master and offer turnkey service is very likely to stand out from its competitors…
Are you ready to get loyalty from your e-commerce clients thanks to impeccable follow-up and logistics coordination? 

To talk about your needs and the turnkey solutions we provide, please schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation: http://www.omagconsulting.com/en/contact