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A new partnership: Omag Event and Endurance Logistique

Storage of your stand and exhibiiton materials

Most tradeshows are recurrent. If you want to reuse your event booth (stand and expo materials), you should consider a storage solution.
Thanks to our partnership with Endurance Logistique, located near Versailles in the Yvelines, just 20 minutes from Paris, we provide you with the option of storing your materials.
Whether it be exposition booth materials, audiovisual equipment, furniture, documents, or swag/goodies, logistics play a key part in your tradeshow strategy. 
We are able to palletize and computerize everything for easy access and according to your needs.
We guarantee a smooth coordination process:
•      Receiving, labeling and storing on our secure site
•      Management of flow and computerized storage
•      Management of order picking
•      Order filling, point-of-sale advertising kit assembly, and filling of display units
•      Co-packing operation
•      Shipping, palletizing, filming, strapping
•      Availability on our site for your sales force
•      Organization of transportation
•      Placing orders and reporting on stock in real-time thanks to our digital interface available via the Web (for free)
And, of course, all the other solutions that only an SME like us is able to offer you. 
Example: Our partners at Endurance Logistique store IT materials for an American video game company, which they then use at different expo sites.
This helps to avoid costly transportation fees, repeated customs visits and declarations, etc. and the company is only responsible for the final leg of transportation. 
Plus, your exposition materials are delivered whenever and wherever you want, allowing you to start your event stress-free.
Centralizing all of your exposition materials and promotional items at one grouping location for on-demand delivery means security and time saved for you. 
Exposition materials that arrive at every show in perfect condition will make your event a sure success!
And don’t forget that this will also insure the longevity and amortization of your expo materials.
Equipped with extensive experience in this area, Omag Event will be there to support you during your tradeshow, providing all coordination and planning.
Plus, Omag Event is with you right in the field in order to better respond to your needs and insure that you work in the best possible conditions—everything you need for a successful event.
We even take care of everything after the event is over.  
Flawless event logistics management is what Omag Event is known for!
Ready to delegate the storage of your stand and exposition materials? Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our savoir-faire… We are happy to support you during all the phases of your upcoming events.
To talk about your needs and the turnkey solutions we provide, please schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation: http://www.omagconsulting.com/en/contact